0FFTOTHERACES: August 2014

Sunday, 31 August 2014

My Weekly Obsession #1.

This post may come totally out of the blue for many of you, and that's because it is! I've been dying to introduce a new series for a while, but I'm not good in the ideas department. I did, however, think up this idea which I think is pretty sweet. 

Saturday, 30 August 2014

A Turkish Haul.

Today I'm sharing some products/cute things that I got in Turkey, I thought you might like to see! 

Thursday, 28 August 2014

Pictures From Turkey.

Here are some pictures I've taken from Turkey. I thought I took more than this, but the other interesting ones are blurred and rather unprofessional, so I've decided to share only a select few! I hope that's okay. 

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Hey All - I'm Back From Holiday.

Hey ppl, just sat here enjoying my tea and cake talking to you all. I said to myself I wasn't going to blog until I had something blog theme related to say but I just couldn't resist speaking to you all. I had a great holiday, and if you follow me on Insta then you'll probably know that. Tomorrow I have some pictures coming your way- ones I haven't released yet (and ones I haven't even looked at yet). I probably wont be getting back in full swing of things until like... three days time? So don't expect anything fancy until I've caught up on my sleep and said hey to everyone at home. 

I'd just like to say thank you to those who haven't strayed away because I haven't been blogging... I feel like the great people I've met on here in the past few months are actually friends- I'll be visiting you soon and catching up! :)
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Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Goodbye England.

-Few casual PJ selfies to exit with, why not-

See you later England, by the time this post is up I'll be on the way to Manchester Airport to go to Turkey! I hope you're all now fed up of my holiday posts, I now have nothing else to say about preparing for holiday - thank God. 

I'm due back on the 26th of August so I'm afraid I probably won't be posting anything until then. However, if I get the chance I may be able to so that would be cool, it probably won't be a long post though.

In the unlikely chance you're actually interested then you can follow me on Insta + Twitter cause I'll be updating there when I get WiFi, gotta get my fix! 

Bye England + bye people, please don't let my blog go invisible! xxxxxx

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Monday, 11 August 2014

Real Techniques Dupes.

Everyone's got to love Sam + Nic's fabulous creations- the Real Techniques Brushes. And with such good quality for such little price where can you go wrong? The only disappointment I have is their lack in smaller brushes, you know, smaller ones for your face and eye makeup... and I seem to have found some fabulous Real Technique dupe style brushes that fit those specifics exactly. 

If you haven't heard already... Ebay have some wonderful Real Techniques dupes available here, and since I already have the majority of their brushes I wasn't in need of buying them (I'd thought I'd share them just in case you didn't know, they're worth buying if you're looking to test them out or something!). 

Since I was in need of some smaller brushes, I decided to purchase these on their own for £2. 33. They arrived in good time + were not damaged from travel or anything like that. They were basically perfect! These brushes are so soft and handy to use for concealer and eye shadow bases and things like that. You should definitely check them out! 

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Sunday, 10 August 2014

It's My Birthday.

It's my birthday today. I'm now half way to 40, how depressing!! This was the makeup I wore out last night, I really love it!

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Saturday, 9 August 2014

How I'm Packing My Toiletries For Holiday.

I haven't seen a post that explains exactly how products are stored/prepared for all of the bashing about they'll receive from the plane, so I thought I'd show you how I'm storing some of my toiletries to give you an idea on how they'll be made as safe as possible. I worship my products so of course I'm going to take every effort I can to protect them from damage. 

So the first thing I did was purchase some miniature bottles with labels from Primark (shown above) to condense the products. Anyone with common sense knows that taking a whole bottle when you're only going to use a quarter is silly- think of the case weight you'll save! 

To protect the bottles and keep them together I then used the clear bag that the bottles came with and stuffed them all in there. With the second bag I just put some items that are annoying when loose and need to be grouped together for protection, because I didn't use all of the bottles I had a spare bag.

For bobbles and grips I'm storing them in a small makeup bag thing I got years ago to keep them neat! I can just shove these in the case really.

You'll never be able to get rid of those annoying bulky products that must stay in their containers for whatever reason. So I've planned to store them in two carrier bags- one to group them, and an extra to protect them so they don't leak. God if they leak I'll be so sad! 

I'll also be taking two of these massive E45 containers and using them as moisturizer for my face and body. 

Have you got any tips + tricks on product case storage?

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Friday, 8 August 2014

My Obsession With Mint Green.

So recently I've been extremely fond of the colour mint green, so much so that I thought I'd write a whole post dedicated to it! 

I'm not the type of person to go for bright-ish colours at all. In fact, I'm quite the opposite. Until recently I've been obsessing over monochrome outfits and all I'd buy was black and white. Even though some of this is still true, I think the summer has changed me and opened up my eyes to colour! 

I've been purchasing everything I see that's mint green, I see it, I buy it. And for my holiday wardrobe... its been overtaken by mint green garments, I think I'm going crazy!

What colour have you been obsessing over recently?

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Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Fashion Trend- Cateye Sunglasses.

Cateye sunglasses could be one of my new favourite fashion trends this summer.

I've seen these in films of course but I didn't actually become attracted to the so-called cateye sunglasses until last month when I spied some in Topshop. Not sure how they would look on me, I decided to go for a cheaper option and buy some for £3 off Amazon but they weren't really what I liked until I found a different set on Ebay.

Even though the first set were pretty cute looking, I just didn't have the right type of face for them (sadly!). But I spied these more modernized looking ones on Ebay and I have completely fell in love with them. They keep the classic  cateye style from the 60s but reinvent it for 2014! I'm going to be wearing these all holiday!

Get them here and here

What are your favourite summer fashion trends 2014?
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Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Summer Skincare Routine.

Today I'm talking about how I'm going to be looking after my skin when I'm on holiday. Of course, lots of baby oil will be necessary, since I'm recently obsessed with the stuff!

I've been using E45 like crazy these past few weeks, so this will be a big element for my holiday skin. To be honest, even my trusty The Body Shop body butters have gone out of the window, even though they're just as creamy. I plan on using E45 after showers and before bed so that my skin gets as much hydration as possible.
On the mornings and during the day I'll be using sun cream so I don't weaken the product by using E45 as well. I still haven't decided what sun cream I want to use (any suggestions?) because I'm not really 'in the know' on the whole SPF factor thing.
I'll of course be taking care of any dry skin using Suniana's Body Scrub Recipe, which is a new found love of mine. I'll be scrubbing every other day, which may seem a lot, but I am addicted to the stuff so why not? I've also grabbed myself an exfoliating mitt to see what that can do for my skin, I've never used one before.
And finally I'll be piling on the baby oil. Wasn't that crazy about baby oil until I got some to make a body scrub with,  but now I use it every day after I moisturize to ensure my skin makes the most of my E45! 
How are you going to be looking after your skin this summer?
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